Realizing The Reality

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“When I and you born,

We were atheists,

When I grew a few years,

I believed in God,

But when I rose to my teens,

In those sudden thoughts and bookish inspiration,

I became an atheist,

Who not only gave up believing in God,

But also who became bound to ask questions.”

Copyright © Akhilesh A S 2021

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A Realization That Blew My everything

Story of an atheist. The picture depicts someone standing on a mountain, who looks down. He realizes that the realization he acquired is the paramount of his moving life, which will reflect in his personal freedom, and the power of decision.

When I was thirteen, my mom asked me whether I believed in God or not.

I said: No, I don’t!

She asked: What’re you saying?

I said: I didn’t believe in God!

Even though I didn’t proclaim myself as an atheist before, I was…


Fantasy cannot help anymore…From religion to money, everything is fantasy. We have grown with it, but we won’t last a long with it…

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Everything had caught fire,
In the fire of imagination,
Where we never understand

That we are its creators,
And where we will be burnt alive
Without leaving a piece of evidence!

Copyright © Akhilesh A S 2021

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What is the need of going for ideologies and such kinda things when it cannot give us anything in return?

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When everything gets blurred

In the light of imagination,

Gonna something we never benefit,

Shouldn’t we think, it’s our life?

Copyright © Akhilesh A S 2021

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Searching for the meaning of life? What are you searching for? Actually, these are imaginations?

What are you searching for?

I’m searching for meaning.

What do you mean by that?

That’s what I’m searching for!

Copyright © Akhilesh A S 2021

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Look Into Yourself

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If you think you are alone,

Just look into yourself.

There is someone who looks forward

To hear your voice.

Copyright © Akhilesh A S 2021

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A 101-word story of unexpectation

That day, a writer disappeared without any reason. I, a journalist, decided to investigate this. I got into his house and was disappointed. I smelled something fishy.

I met someone who claimed to be the writer’s friend. I asked about the writer. He said the words the writer told him before his disappearance. “Tonight the doorbell in my house will ring and I will open the doors for my characters. Before dawn, I will disappear along with them.”

I thrashed his head with the realization that I was a character moving according to the disappeared writer before me, who misused me.


A Poem About Freedom

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When blindness covers your eyes,

When deafness covers your ears,

When dumbness covers your mouths,

You are in danger.

Copyright © Akhilesh A S 2021




A micro-story of bizarreness

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

He was no one to me besides I had seen him in the missing column in an evening newspaper. But what appealed to me was his coal, black, and lustrous eyes. It had a wildness and a frightening beauty. I decided to know more about him. The newspaper authorities rushed me without any explanation.

That night, I heard a bellow, and I saw someone when I opened my window. He had the same eyes, as that of the missing. I quickly opened the newspaper but was surprised to see the eyes of the missing being perfectly cut out and was missing.

Governments And Youths To Action

Photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash

For a long time in the news, the climate issue came up. Everything about the heated climate — on all websites, and on all media channels, on social media, and everywhere. That was when Greta Tuneburg, a schoolchild who decided to take a short break…

Akhilesh A S

Hi, I'm Akhilesh. I writes microstories and poems. I run an interesting weekly newsletter: https://akhileshas.ck.page/

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