Is UN A ScareCrow? Is This Organization Also Falling?

The Recent Afghanistan Issue States The Reality

Afghanistan is being destroyed before our eyes by the Taliban. Taliban is, for sure, a terrorist group that’s based on religion as usual. The immediate withdrawal of US and NATO forces had a big impact on Afganistan’s present situation.

I won’t bore you by saying the same thing, but I would like to say about the UN, the United Nations, which is supposed to be the protector of a common country.

The day before yesterday, I tweeted about the issue as a Twitter Thread, which is given below:

Sorry for the spelling errors on the tweet. I usually tweet using a laptop, but this time, I’ve done that with mobile. The right sentence: Is this the way to support a country?

After the First World War, the League of Nations was formed on 10 January 1920, following the Paris Peace Conference. Even though it progressed a little bit, it failed to put an end to the problems that started by the invasion of Germany and Italy, over weak nations. This resulted in a war between all European countries, and slowly, it grew as a World War.

And, that was the end of the Great League of Nations.

After that, The United Nations was formed on 24 October 1945, which boasts that from its foundation, no World War had happened and it is a success in maintaining Global Peace and prosperity.

But the changing scenarios prove this is wrong.

The recent capture of Afganistan by a religious terrorist group Taliban proves the inefficiency of the UN, and this shows how incapable is this international organization, which boasts about maintaining peace and prosperity. Other than tweeting and attending press conferences to say the Taliban will destroy the country, there wasn’t anything that the UN had helped!

So it’s a necessity of the world nations to decide whether this organization should be continued. The basic fact of helping the unstable nations is the primary duty of the UN, and we saw, it looks at the situation with much ease.

We now need an International Organization that works neutrally without the influence of any country. Every country pays money to the UN, and then why the hell should it close its eyes and ears on the Afghan issue? I don’t know what they are calculating or what they are doing around here.

The UN should have a neutral state unlike being slanted to the world powers such as America and China. We have already had a lot of evidence to disbelieve in the inefficiency of WHO in the Covid issue, and now the entire UN had proved their inefficiency.

The question should be asked loudly: Is the UN A ScareCrow? Or Is the United Nations another League of Nations?

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